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Registration/Log in

To register, click on ‘Account/Log In’ on the menu bar and continue as a new customer. Complete the registration form and a confirmation email will be sent to you. 

If you have already registered and want to log in, click on the same button on the menu bar and enter your email address and password as a returning customer. Once logged in, you are able to view previous orders and change any of your account details, such as your address and password.

When you are registered, you have access to view and download larger low-resolution images for comps and layouts, create and email light boxes and order images. Your details are confidential.  We will only use them for our own marketing and to monitor our downloadable images, which are un-watermarked. Double click on an image if you want to either view it at a larger size or download it, which can be done once you have agreed to the terms of use.


An image search can be done using keywords and category or if known, the image reference number.  Thumbnail images can be viewed without being registered. 

 - Keyword and Image Reference Number Search

Click on the ‘Search’ box on the home page or on the menu bar, this will take you to the Image Search page.  You can do a keyword or image reference search by typing a word or image number into the box and clicking ‘Search’, your results will then be displayed.  You can alter the number of images to view, by using the drop box underneath the search button. 

 - Category Search

Click on a category on the home page or on the ‘Image Search Page’ to be taken directly to all the images in that category.  If a keyword search has already taken place, the keyword box on the ‘Search Results’ page can be cleared and a category search can be done, by using the drop box underneath.  Alternatively, by entering both a keyword and selecting a category i.e. fresh as a keyword and selecting the ingredients category, only fresh images in the ingredients category will be found.

 - Search Tips

-       Multiple words can be searched, by leaving spaces between each word. You may find that you get a more effective search doing this.  For example, keywording fresh ingredients will search for ingredients in every category, so you may get an action shot of some ingredients, which have been put into the cooking and action category, not the ingredients category.

-       More than one image reference number can be searched, by separating the numbers with ‘or’ i.e. JM00100 or JM00101.

-   Using ‘and’ between words will search for images containing all the words entered i.e. green and apples will result in images containing both words. 

-   Using ‘or’ between words will search for images containing either word i.e. green or apples will result in images containing either or both words.

-   Exact matches can be found by enclosing keywords with double quotation marks i.e. “close-up of strawberry”.

-       Search results can be refined by keywording style specifics, such as image orientation, colour or black and white, close-ups and cut-outs.

-       Our keywording has been done in British English.  Check your spelling!  Where possible, the native name of a dish has also been used i.e. Pissaladiere. 

-       Keywords can be entered as plural or singular and they are not case-sensitive. 

-   Contact us if you can’t find an image that fits your specifications.  We may have a suitable image not yet put into the database or we can arrange to have something shot for you.

 - Search Request

If you would like us to do an image search for you, email us at or call +44 (0)20 7278 4770 to describe what you are looking for and we will email you a lightbox with a selection of images for free.


The lightbox feature can be used once you have registered with us.  It is an online workspace where images can be viewed, commented on and shared with others. 

Images can be added to a lightbox by clicking on the ’Lightbox’ button underneath either a thumbnail or the larger image.  The image automatically goes into your active lightbox, which you can view in the preview pane at the bottom of the page.  The active lightbox can be changed using the drop box.  New lightboxes can be created in the preview pane and the lightbox feature can be turned on or off.

By clicking on ‘Lightbox Options’ you will be taken to your active lightbox, which you can name and make overall notes about in the ‘Lightbox Details’ box.  Lightbox images and whole lightboxes can be deleted and ordered and notes can be saved about individual images.  You can switch between your lightboxes by using the drop box at the top of the page.  Lightboxes can be emailed with any attached notes, to colleagues or clients, by clicking on the ‘Email’ button.  Multiple email addresses can be entered and further comments added if you wish.

A lightbox remains in your account with any saved notes, until you delete it.


To place your order, either call us on +44 (0)20 7278 4770 with the image reference number i.e. JM00050 or order on-line once you are logged in.

By clicking on the ‘Order’ icon under an image, the ‘Order’ button on the menu bar or in the lightbox, you will be taken to an order form, which will contain your registered details.  Once the required fields have been filled in, asking for usage details, where the image will be used, size required etc, we will contact you with a quote. Once a usage fee has been agreed, we will send you a 300dpi jpeg or tiff file at the size you require. Images are delivered on CD, either same day or next working day.

An invoice is sent with the CD, our payment terms are strictly 30 days.